Natural Moisturizers

Jojoba seeds contain alpha, delta, and gamma tocopherols, all forms of Vitamin E.
Jojoba Oil is actually a "Liquid wax ester" and is not an oil, however over the years, people call it an "oil " due to its appearance.

The extractable liquid from the matured jojoba seeds ranges from 50%-54%.

Once the jojoba seeds are cold pressed, the jojoba is filtered in order to separate the remaining particles that cloud the oil. It is then transferred to an isolation tank where it is pasteurized at 70 degrees C to further improve the product. The plantantions are free of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, and thus the resulting jojoba wax is absolutely free from any chemicals and therefore we classify it as a NATURAL product .

WE DO NOT REFINE OUR JOJOBA - Refined Jojoba oil is de-colored, de-odorized, stabilized, neutralized, and de-gummed.

Synthetic Vitamin E may have been added to refined Jojoba to replace natural tocopherols destroyed during refining.

Jojoba is non-allergenic and non-comedogenic (non - clogging). It is molecularly comparable to the ester we produce in our skin. Our sebaceous glands produce sebum, which is composed primarily of esters like Jojoba.

It is used as a skin softener, conditioner and soother. It conditions the scalp and hair, and assists in eliminating dry scalp. It removes make-up.