Alpha Hydroxy Acid

As featured in CTFA Buyer's Guide and Happi Magazine
Molecular Weight : 76.05 CAS # : 79-14-1

Properties :
a. Soluble in water, ethanol, ethyl acetat , acetone, acetic acid.
b. Nonflammable
c. Low Odor
d. Biodegradable
e. Low Corrosivity
f. Chemically Stable @ normal storage temperatures.

Pack Size: 562 LB Drums ( 55 Gallon ) and 55 LB Pails

APPLICATIONS - Personal Care : - Glycolic acid is the first series of Alpha-Hydroxycarboxylic
acids commonly known as " AHA's ". It is widely used in the personal care industry and the continous research into what causes wrinkles and the effects of photoaging, free radical effects on the skin etc., has increased the popularity of this ingredient. WE AT COSMETIC SUPPLIES USA, INC DO NOT SUPPLY TECHNICAL GRADE MATERIAL AND WE PROHIBIT THE USE OF TECHNICAL GRADE MATERIAL IN PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS.Glycolic acid has many others uses in other industries, however, since we do not supply technical grade material , we have not expanded on the details. However for any further assistance, please feel free to call our Technical Department and they will gladly answer any questions .